Camín Real de la Mesa

General characteristics of the route

The Camín Real de La Mesa runs through the municipal areas of Somiedo, Teverga, Belmonte de Miranda and Grado. Up until the 19th century it was one of the most travelled routes between Asturias and the Castilian plains, with a long history that goes back to slightly before the Roman conquest (the last quarter of the 1st Century B.C.) at least. The route shows different examples of the Asturian landscape, from the mountains of the Cantabrian Range to the valleys of the interior in the River Nalón basin. Through its long and permanent descent it bears witness to a range of different landscapes, ordered according to altitude, from the high peaks and summer grazing lands of Somiedo and Teverga right down to the fluvial plain of the Nalón River in Grado, like some kind of spine - the backbone of the aforementioned land.

  • Location: Municipalities of Somiedo, Teverga, Belmonte de Miranda and Grado.
  • Total length of the route: 56,604km. (Gran Recorrido or GR - nationwide long-distance walking routes)
  • Starting point: Veiga'l Muñón (1,768 m.a.s.l.).
  • Finishing point: Grado (61 m.a.s.l.).
  • Level of difficulty: medium-high.
  • Type of route: linear.
  • Estimated walking time: 17 hours.

Route Profile


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