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Welcome to a virtual highway that will take you to Camín Real de la Mesa, a place where History appears with every step you take.




The name Camín Real de la Mesa (The Mesa King's Highway) defines us through our location and is the common element linking the ten municipalities that make up this County (Belmonte, Candamo, Grado, Las Regueras, Proaza, Quirós, Santo Adriano, Somiedo, Teverga and Yernes y Tameza). The Road with which the county shares its name has its origin, in actual fact, in pre-Roman times. The route would later function as an extension to the sea of the Vía de la Plata commercial route from Asturica Augusta (modern-day Astorga in the Province of León) and is one of the most emblematic of the old ways that cross the Cantabrian Mountains, along with the other great route of our county, the Camín Real del Puertu Ventana (or the Route of Relics of the Holy Chamber of Oviedo Cathedral), alongside which it forms a network of historical routes more than 178km long.

A population of 24,000 spread over an essentially rural territory covering a surface of 1,367km2, we are united in the aim "to jointly promote and encourage the endogenous resources of our territory and social cooperation, in order to achieve a type of economic, social and local development that is county-wide, comprehensive and sustainable." In other words, this is our fundamental goal, as expressed in a joint declaration on the 19th of July 2002.

In this space you will find all the essential trails, which you should follow with an open mind and your feet on the ground. Through them you will make great historical discoveries; you just need to read the landscape to find them, as they have been around for thousands of years.

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